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At Solarwall we market multifunctional Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) solutions which are used for the replacement of conventional construction materials from different parts of the building’s envelope such as roofs, skylights, windows or façades.

Pierre-Olivier Cuche
Pierre-Olivier Cuche

Chief Executive Officer
Bachelor of Sciences in Electric Engineering

Prior to joining Solarwall, Pierre Olivier Cuche exercised responsibilities in several active companies in the solar energy and in the construction of metallic facades. He can take advantage of a vast work experience in these specializations.

Ali Ulukütük

Marketing and Sales

To the advantage of a robust experience in several active companies in the installations construction techniques and the solar energy, Ali Ulukütük joined Solarwall to lead the activities of sale and marketing.


Our services

Our materials and glasses allow for the entry of natural light and provide both thermal and sound insulation. They filter out harmful radiation (ultraviolet and infrared), produce clean, free energy thanks to solar power, avoid CO2 emissions and feature an innovative, customized design which can be integrated perfectly into any type of building.

Solarwall - Verre photovoltaïque standard

Standard Photovoltaic Glass

The first photovoltaic glass adapted to building construction standards

Sizes adapted to construction standards

No limits of color semi transparency

Fully inexorable and combinable with any other construction material

Fits perfectly into Ventilated Façade, Skylights, Walkable Floors etc.

Solarwall - Verre photovoltaïque personnalisable

Customized Photovoltaic Glass

Consult us for an advice of feasibility

Any color or transparency

The highest expression of BIPV

Solarwall - Ingénierie de projets

BIPV Engineering

Thanks to our expertise in the construction of facades of buildings and in the electric engineering, we are your partner and that of your representatives.

Advises for the architectural design

Analyses of the area (shadows and lightings)

Energy projections

Mechanical and electrical engineering

System installation and implementation

Monitoring of the implementation

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