Solarwall - Verre photovoltaïque personnalisé

Customized Photovoltaic Glass

Infinite combinations of photovoltaic glass: choose your color, pattern, transparency degree, thickness and size. It has never been so easy, smart, attainable and fun integrating solar photovoltaic energy into a building.

Solarwall - Verre photovoltaïque transparent

Photovoltaic Transparent Glass

Take advantage of the sunlight to illuminate your building. Thanks to our photovoltaic transparent glass you will allow the entrance of the sunlight, avoiding UV radiation and infrared radiation, and seeing through the glass at the same time.

Solarwall - Verre photovoltaïque coloré

Colored Photovoltaic Glass

Wide range of colors available

Any color graduations and tones

Solarwall - Verre photovoltaïque feuilleté de sécurité

Laminated Safety Glass

For projects where laminated glass is required, we consider various options in order to meet the customer’s specifications. Laminated glass is composed of several panes of glass, bonded together by an interlayer (EVA or PVB normally).

Solarwall - Verre photovoltaïque double vitrage

Double Glazed Insulation Units

Semi-transparent double glazed photovoltaic insulating glass units can be incorporated into the project providing better thermal insulation properties.

Solarwall - Verre photovoltaïque triple vitrage

Triple Glazed Insulation Units

In order to achieve even better thermal insulation, semi-transparent triple glazed insulating photovoltaic glass units could be considered as a possible solution.

Solarwall - Verre design photovoltaïque


Through laser cutting technology, the active area of the glass can be modified in order to get different patterns and 100% customized designs, leading to spectacular shapes and semi-transparency effects.

Solarwall - Technologies photovoltaïques utilisées

Range of Photovoltaic Glass

a-SI – Amorphous Silicium




All technologies are available in various colors.

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