Solarwall -Revêtement de façade photovoltaïque

Photovoltaic Ventilated Façade

Electricity production

Greater energy yield under low irradiation conditions

Greater energy yield under high temperature conditions

Attractive and innovative design

Solarwall - Façade vitrée photovoltaïque

Photovoltaic Curtain Wall

Integration of photovoltaic solar energy into buildings in an efficient and ecological manner

Highly customisable

Avoid infrared and UV irradiation to the interior

Enhances thermal comfort and avoiding interior ageing

Solarwall - Photovoltaic Spandrel

Photovoltaic Spandrel

Opaque thin film & crystalline based technologies

Available in a variety of glazing and sizes

The perfect aesthetic solution for curtain wall or façades

Conceal structural parts of the building envelope while maintaining harmony and contrast with glass vision areas

Curtain Wall, Wall clawing, Storefronts

Custom color applications for aesthetic purposes

Solarwall - Verrière photovoltaïque

Photovoltaic Skylight

Buildings that generate their own energy

Add Bioclimatic properties to your buildings

More comfort inside your buildings

PV colored skylight? It’s possible

Enjoy the sky through our PV transparent glass

Natural daylight + UV & IR filter

Add an aesthetic design to your buildings

BIPV solution integrated on wooden structure

Solarwall - Marquise photovoltaïque

Photovoltaic Canopy

Combines energy generation, solar and adverse conditions protection

The energy generated by the system can either feed any building within its surroundings or get connected to the grid, leading in any case to an important economic profit.

Solarwall - Couverture de parking photovoltaïque

Photovoltaic Parking Lot

A Photovoltaic Parking Lot is a structure where the photovoltaic installation provides the on-site energy generation (DER) for supply the electrical car batteries.

Maximum possible energy output

Maximum protection against adverse weather conditions

Solarwall - Sol praticable photovoltaïque

Walkable Photovoltaic Floor

Walkable non-slip photovoltaic floor

Featured in any color or even retro illuminated

Safety anti-slip surface treatment

Wide range of color combinations

Tiles also available in neutral classic colors

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